Discover some of the fantastic secret places we have found for you to visit in a day or half day trip from the Lodge in Slovenia, north Italy, Istria & north Croatia. Just like us, many of these you might have never heard about before.. some like Venice or Rijeka, you might be amazed are so close, but all are hidden treasures just waiting to surprise you!

if you want to know why this cave is black, then read below!

the Black Cave at the end of Postojna Cave

If you don't want to visit the larger well known cave in the busy July and August periods then why not take a bike and cycle through the forest from Lipizzaner Lodge to the Black cave, connected to the Pivka cave and backing onto the end of the Postojnja cave.

In fact there is a "back door" at the end of this cave that leads directly into the Postojna cave and was used by the Partisans to sneak in and blow up the Nazis explosive dump, stored (disgracefully) in one of Europe's natural wonder caves.

More to come..


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