Discover some of the fantastic secret places we have found for you to visit in a day or half day trip from the Lodge in Slovenia, north Italy, Istria & north Croatia. Just like us, many of these you might have never heard about before.. some like Venice or Rijeka, you might be amazed are so close, but all are hidden treasures just waiting to surprise you!

people will be swimming and sun bathing all along this "back door" route to Piran

secret walk along the coast to Piran

We had heard about this alternative route along the coast from the village of Fiesa to Piran and so we went on a late September trip to find out what you have to do. We found a lovely little place to park your car, a fabulous path hugging the Adriatic sea to a back door into Piran, with views we had seen before from up top in one of Slovenia's top tourist destinations.

Quite rightly, Piran should be part of your to do list when visiting Slovenia for the first time.. it's only a 45 min drive from the Lodge and you will get a Slovenian, Venetian, Mediterranean delight to enjoy, which is a total contrast to the other mountaineous, river, rock and lake covered sub regions in the rest of Slovenia.. you almost have to pinch yourself to remember you are lucky enough to be in Slovenia.

You cannot drive directly into Piran, it's a peninsula, pretty much surrounded by the sea so you feel like you are exploring a lost Venetian island. There are plenty of ways to get to visit Piran, most people willpark in the multi story car park on the edge of town or you can walk along the coast or catch a bus from Slovenia's casino and sandy beach resort of Portoroz.

It can be busy, so this is why this little walk from nearby Fiesa is another option for you.

More to come..


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