Discover some of the fantastic secret places we have found for you to visit in a day or half day trip from the Lodge in Slovenia, north Italy, Istria & north Croatia. Just like us, many of these you might have never heard about before.. some like Venice or Rijeka, you might be amazed are so close, but all are hidden treasures just waiting to surprise you!

not many visitors to slovenia will be lucky enough to find this bridge

swing bridge to Slovenia's shortest river

Wouldn't it be lovely walking alongside a crystal clear river on a forest track and arriving at this pretty swing bridge, with just the full 50 metre length of Slovenia's shortest river to go!

We didn't want to include this secret tip in our Idrija secret place tip as there is so much to do in Idrija for the day this bridge walk is so often overlooked, but when you could spend several hours enjoying this walk we hope that by putting this secret place on a separate page it will get the attention it deserves.

The stunning Idrija river was used for centuries to bring logs down to the town of Idrija where the timber was used to support the shafts of the second largest mercury mine in the world.

   wonderful riverside path close tomercury mine  

Fortunately the mine is closed now and there is a wonderful forest path that will bring you from the town at the mini museum with the largest wooden water wheel in Europe straight along the river to this lovely bridge.

Cross the bridge and go over the road to reach a short feeder river which flows into the Idrija. There is a pretty little path to the end of this river and then a little natural bowl lake with sheer walls at the end. You will need to take lotsof photos, but do not go swimming here as leading down from this little lake is a huge 500 metre long underground natural shaft that has sadly claimed the lives of some of Slovenia's best divers. It is very dangerous indeed.

From here you could walk back up the river idrija going for kms and kms, finding a wonderful swimming area and higher up the stone track road is a Victorian stone dam which was used to control the flow of the river when they wanted to send lots of new timber down the river. That walk would fill your day next to a river in the!

So pack a pick nick and look forward to a really peaceful day or half day's hiking here alongside one of Slovenia's least known rivers and the shortest one!


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