Discover some of the fantastic secret places we have found for you to visit in a day or half day trip from the Lodge in Slovenia, north Italy, Istria & north Croatia. Just like us, many of these you might have never heard about before.. some like Venice or Rijeka, you might be amazed are so close, but all are hidden treasures just waiting to surprise you!

what a lovely location for a stroll around a museum

the museum of 7 museums

If you knew there was a fab museum, 25 mins away, just before Ljubljana, in a beautiful converted monastery that feels like an English country house, with a working water wheel, pretty river and full of stuff about Slovenian wildlife, machines, history, wood, hunting, family life, so many cottage industries and another fantastic hall full of Tito's presidential cars, with another filled with old bicycles & motorbikes, even a tram.. you would probably be interested? But if it was called "Technical museum of Slovenia".. then maybe you wouldn't be!

Well.. guess what they went and did!!

The Technical museum of Slovenia, (yes, they really did call it that), is a wonderful way to get a real insight into the history, culture and lives of the Slovenian people. So, if you can put the name behind you and are prepared to be amazed by the variety and scope of exhibits in this really large museum location in the heart of the Slovenian countryside, then this is the museum for you!

There really is a lot of different stuff packed in here and the common theme is it helps you understand more about this marvellous little country and the people who live here. The setting is breathtaking.. You could come here just to have a pick nick by the "Victorian" style lake and country house that would be a great setting for an episode of Downton Abbey.

   visit the technical museum of slovenia   museum in converted monastry in slovenia close to ljubljana

The buildings are actually part of an old monastery, there are lots of smaller buildings too, each housing a different genre of Slovenian life. A river runs through the centre of the complex with crystal clear water powering a wooden wheel. There are plenty of places for young and old to charge around outside and explore inside. The exhibits are so varied, hands on and numerous that neither kids nor adults could get bored here.. there is so much to see.

Exhibit after exhibit shows you how Slovenians have adapted to cut wood, makes things and grow things. You can see pretty much every wonderful Slovenian wild animal stuffed in glass display units, but probably the highlight for many people will be the large collection of ex president Tito's classic cars. It looks like he had more than David Beckham! There is a roller, several classic American gas guzzlers and 2 Russian armoured limousines with bullet proof glass thicker than jam jars!

There is a nice restaurant opposite the museum, but this place is just perfect for a pick nick! Do check the entrance times as maybe this is why they call it the "technical" museum.. you need a degree in logistics to understand when it is open! But generally, Monday is not a good day!

Just up the road is a large blueberry plantation, but we have yet to visit there.. we heard you can spend a very nice time picking blueberries and get some lovely blueberry products.


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