Book early for the Krizna Cave 4 hour Tour

You now need to book up early if you want to do the 4 hour Krizna cave tour in Green Slovenia. We have had some guests disappointed when we phoned up for them just a few days before to see if there were any spaces and there weren't! Sometimes you can get a cancellation, but we now recommend that if you are staying here in the summer, particularly July or August, then get us to book your spaces at least a month before you arrive.

The biggest problem is that people might not have heard about this amazing cave until they reach Slovenia and then it might be too late! You won't have this problem now as you will have read this!

The Krizna cave is one of the rarest finest cave examples of an underground calcium river still forming. The location, the passion of the local guides and the underground paradise you will see are simply unmissabubble.

   amazing 4 hour tour of slovenian underground cave   pirates ship in krisna cave

The cave is strictly protected and ONLY 1,000 people per year may do the 4 hour trip. Tours are for a maximum of 4 adults who go with one guide and once you get past the limit of the shorter one hour tour you have to walk exactly in the footsteps of the guide to protect the cave & river and help carry the rubber boat & paddles that you will use to explore this underground wonder of the world. You do not do this tour in flip flops and a T shirt, for many this is about as close as you can get to being a real caver and you will have a genuine Slovenian adventure!

We were lucky enough to do the tour and believe us, it is literally out of this world. You will see one of only 6 massive stone cave mushrooms in the world, a pirate ship, Slovenia's largest underground island and step into a wonderful underground cascade! Again just believe us that the 4 hours will absolutely fly by.

We often compare the 3 big Slovenian caves to London, New York and Paris.. you wouldn't say, "Oh I'm not gonna see New York cos I already saw a big city in London" Nooooooooo, of course you would want to see them all as they are all big cities, but so different in character and feature.. Well, it's exactly the same for the big (by virtue of being the best known) three Slovenian caves. Skocjan is a completely different wonder to Postojna which is another completely different experience to Krizna.. Our strong advice is to see them all.

   die krizn hoehle in slowenien   sneznik snow mountain castle in slovenia

For Krizna cave there is good news though. Book ahead and you will get on the tour, but the really great news is that this is only essential in July and August, (September is quite rightly getting more popular). The rest of the year is no problem and even though in summer the 4 hour tour is spectacular, our friends at the cave wanted us to tell you that during winter and outside the main "tourist" season there is far more water around and so the cave is even more amazing.. think about it, that makes sense!

There is more great news about Krizna as the much shorter hour tour is available all year round and you can just turn up for that one. You get to walk down into the cave and see the river forming and also get an amazing rubber boat ride to the mouth of the second part of the cave where the 4 hour tour continues. But please do not make the mistake to think the hour tour will be in any way a compensation for the 4 hour. The one hour is fantastic and great for the family, but the 4 hour is so spectacular and unique you will never forget it.

And even more good news.. there are lots and lots of other Slovenian caves you have not even heard of.. in fact almost 15,000 have been discovered and with just a little bit of effort and help from us we can get you inside one of them with your own guide.. simply cavetastic!

Finally, one of Slovenia's most stunning castles, Sneznik (Snow Mountain) is just down the road from Krizna and is such a good combination for you to visit after the cave and warm up on the edge of the thickest and oldest forest in Europe. Pretty much all our guests who go to the cave also go to this castle and experience yet another day filled with a little bit of Slovenian magic and surprise.


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