Taking your Turn in Slovenia!

Motorway EXIT & ENTRANCE Closures in Slovenia, Summer 2018 

Just a tickle of a blog to give you advance notice that the motorway junction you think you might be getting off at in Slovenia during Summer 2018 may be closed with very little warning!

This is not just random chaos.. the "Vignette" toll motorway system is being modernised for electronic tagging of lorries and then (hopefully) cars, so the heavy duty barriers are being dismantled.. so actually it is great news as the traffic on Green Slovenia's super modern motorway network will flow even easier in the near future when this is all done!

This is not much solace to you if you are flying past your junction desperately arguing with that annoying lady on the sat nav / garmin / navi, as she tells you how silly you are and actually it really wasn't your fault!

We have 2 pieces of advice for you.. the best thing you can do is continue to enjoy the views of this amazing little country and just go to the next junction and find your way from there AND secondly, switch your Sat Nav to the Australian guy, he's really great and never gets angry with you if you take a wrong turn!

In the mean time here are some more lovely photos of Slovenia to help you pass the time.

   look up and you will see a church on top of a hill in slovenia    stunning mountain views in green slovenia 

But seriously, we are also sometimes caught out by various road closures at times, particularly on the ueber beautiful country roads and there is not a lot you can do about it.. even the local roads here are a very high standard and most probably much better than you are used to at home, so we should be grateful! 

So just be prepared to have a little frustration along the way, there isn't much you can do to check in advance where the problems will be as this kind of knowledge is often local and besides, the names are 99% unpronounceabubble in any case, so even if you knew where a closure was happening, unless it was an easy name like Postojna, you wouldn't stand a chance!

So smile, relax and enjoy the view, the good news from the Lodge is that we have multiple motorway junctions nearby shooting off all over Slovenia, Italy and to Croatia, so there is always a way here and our southern junction of "Razdrto" has been done already and the Postonja one is being done at time of writing June 2018, so Lodge guests should be fine!

Happy motoring and don't forget to buy your Vignette!





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