Eating Out in Slovenia

Having a great food experience is an important part of your holiday.

Our Evening Meal
We stayed at many different tourist farms when we were first exploring and looking here for a location for Lipizzaner Lodge and we really liked what some of them do for an evening meal option.
The family offer one delicious home cooked meal per evening, using local ingredients and at a reasonable cost, so you can eat in. We have incorporated this into our offer and each day we provide one 3 course evening meal on request in our cafe, with glass of local wine for €17 pp (kids 12 & under half price).

Great breaking News: We have organised for one of Slovenia's top TV chefs to visit the Lodge every Monday during the summer! He cooks up a real Slovenian treat for you, with all ingredients from his own fields, animals or the forest. These evenings have proved very popular with guests. You can also arrange to go visit Rihard at his own kitchen and he will look after you for the afternoon, showing you where all his ingredients come from and exploring his "patch" close to the south Croatian border and then you get to eat the meal you helped to gather!

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Lots and Lots of Other Eating Out Options
We absolutely recommend you go out and about to try the varied and fantastic local cuisine. There are 5 terrific restaurants within 5-10 mins drive from Lipizzaner Lodge and our guests have given us excellent feedback about the welcome they have received and the quality of the food!

Each restaurant offers a different local speciality. At "Hruševje", you can try their excellent fish dishes, mushroom or fish soups in a big bread bun and even truffles! At the "Prestanek Riding Centre" you can choose from several steak dishes made from 100% bio Black Angus cows. The cows pretty much graze in the fields next to the restaurant! 

We are also lucky to have the best local pizzeria in our mini region at nearby "Studenec", a pretty little village and at "Ob Kaminu" you can try their trademark Bosnian barbeque, cooked in a huge metal pot over a fire, producing incredibly tender meat and vegetables. Last but not least you can reserve a more traditional Slovenian farm meal in St Michael, the village right next to our little village of Landol.

But there are loads of other great places to eat out in the area. Due to our excellent position, we have at least 20 restaurants, all within a 25 min drive from us and we can let you know what type of food is available and how best to get to your chosen eatery. Often we will recommend a restaurant based on the logistics of where you are going for the day.

You will be amazed at the quality and diversity of cuisine available here and it is true what you might have heard about Slovenia.. the prices are also very reasonable indeed. For example, there is a seafood restaurant close to Lipica, (the home of the Lipizzaner horse) and the magnificent Skocjan caves, (about 20 mins from the Lodge), where we have to pre reserve a table for you on a Sunday, as it is so popular with Italians coming over to have a great meal.

There are lovely little cafes on the top of mountains, burger bars for the kids and restaurants hidden away in little villages you might never find without a helpful hint.

Take a bike or walk to your chosen restaurant!
And even better, our local partner restaurants are all possible stop offs by foot or bike when exploring this beautiful mini region, so why not make an afternoon of it by walking or cycling to your meal? This is one of the best ways to discover the many hidden routes around Landol and we know numerous off road paths & tracks to all 4 of the recommended local restaurants and others, so we can give you the directions and off you go! If you walk to the restaurant we can also pick you up afterwards, but when you see how beautiful the countryside is here, you might prefer to also walk home to the Lodge.

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Slovenian Cuisine
You can taste a huge variety of cuisine in Slovenia, which is no surprise when you consider we are bordered by several very different food countries, (Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia).
So you have a wide choice of pasta, gnocchi, pizzas, very good fish options, (including delicious local trout), schnitzels, soups, Bosnian barbeque (fantastic), gulash, Serbian sausages (cevapcici), fresh salads, panna cotta, crema schnitta, lots of different types of bread and so much more... yummy!

And if you want to eat Italian food in Italy or Croatian food in Croatia, then both are just a short drive away from Lipizzaner Lodge and packed with so many different day trip options and other possibilities to explore!  

The Vipava Valley

Some of our guests are lucky enough to explore the country roads of the nearby Vipava valley and many guests at least drive through the beautiful wine producing valley en route to a daytrip to the gorges, mountains and the Soca river. On the way home we often book guests a table at one of two fabulous special restaurants in the valley. Both are only about a 20-25 min drive to the Lodge.

Both of these restaurants would not be out of place in your own home city, but add the amazing locations, service and ambience and you won't believe how you can get this kinda quality for that kinda price.

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Gregor's Restaurant, Vipava town
We have also been getting excellent reviews from our guests about our friend Gregor's restaurant in Vipava, (above), just on the other side of Nanos mountain and only 25 minutes away. Gregor offers several local trout dishes, speciality local plates and very high quality Italian cuisine. He can also prepare anything special the kids would like!

And before you visit Gregors', enjoy a walk around Vipava, known as Slovenia's little Venice, because seven different rivers flow into this beautiful town. You can actually see the trout swimming in the crystal clear waters. And maybe stop off later at the best ice cream cafe in the region, also in Vipava or visit the Vinoteka, with tasting available for all the Wine growing Vipava valley's vintages and you will have a wonderful afternoon and evening out!

Slap Village Restaurant

Located in a tiny village surrounded by vineyards there is a fantastic little restaurant offering lots of different high quality courses made with local ingredients. A group of Finns came here after a trip to the waterfalls and gorges. they had a 5 course meal accompanied by the very best local wine for each course and recommended this place very highly.

We pretty much know a good place to eat, (and some places to avoid) wherever we send you for your days adventure, there is always a place to stop off at either for lunch or on the way home where you can get to try the excellent local dishes.

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Most guests enjoy their breakfast in our cafe. But if you prefer, you can take breakfast on the outside terrace or sitting on a balcony. We will also deliver a tray to your room, so you can have breakfast in bed!

Other Meals & Snacks
We can also provide lunchtime pickniks for your daytime adventures or recommend a nice place for your lunch.
Most Slovenian restaurants offer an excellent value lunch menu. Often a choice of soup for starter, a main course with salad and often a dessert and for a really good price.
And finally, if you fancy a burger on your way or way back from Lipizzaner Lodge to the Slovenian Riviera, then why not pop into Viki Burger, Slovenia's finest Burger bar, with a stunning view over olive groves and hills to the Adriatic sea. (They also serve really great milk shakes by the way!)



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