day out in Venice

It might surprise you that we list the most famous island in the world as one of the many secret daytrips you can do from Lipizzaner Lodge, but it comes to many guests as a surprise that you can drive to Venice in less than 2 hours from Lipizzaner Lodge!

If you are visiting Slovenia from outside Europe, it is likely you have never been to Venice before, so you do need to know that you can build it into your itinerary.

    daytrip to venice from slovenia    st marks square so close to slovenia

Yes, you will need to get up earlier, have a quick brekkie and get on the road, but it is perfectly possible to spend a very special day on Venice island and be back home at the Lodge for an evening nightcap!

Several of our guests have done this, most go directly by car and leave the car in a "park & ride", but you could also drive just over the border to Italy, park up and take the train for the day. Indeed, one family took a package with a private plane from our local airfield and flew to the island for the day, circling over the main island and landing at the old international airport on the next island.. it isn't as expensive as you think!

    water ferry around venice    gondola in venice

Of course, Venice can get very busy in the summer months, so you need to choose your time carefully. With so many international destinations flying to Venice, it could also be an idea to fly in or out of Venice when visiting the Lodge and spend an extra night in Venice so that you can have the full day there!

We did just that on a lovely sunny December day and it was a great idea, as Venice was pretty much deserted! We took a room at the Annia Park hotel near the airport, the price included parking. We decided to take a taxi direct to the island as it was so close and the taxi driver arranged to pick us up later at an agreed time, which gave us maximum time to explore. There are courtesy buses to and from the airport though, from there you can take the train or bus to the island.

    little bridge in venice    venice boat vista

When arriving in Venice we just got a water taxi day ticket and couldn't believe how quickly we were staring in awe at St Marks square. The little side streets were pretty much empty at the start of December and we were lucky to have such a sunny day to explore.

We easily found a nice little restaurant to eat, had a great coffee later, did a bit of shopping and took in some of the sights. It was a really great day out. The whole day was magical, Venice has a kind of familiar London or Paris "magic" to it and we really can't believe our luck that it is so close to the Lodge!

    shopping in venice    venedig so in der naehe zu slowenien

And one footnote.. When you travel from Landol to Venice, you should know that the two are connected! Yes, hundreds of years ago huge oak timbers were carted from the Slovenian forests through Landol to make the foundations of Venice. The sea is slowly winning the battle, but don't forget these massive tree trunks have done such a job for centuries!

There is a secret path, actually the old Roman road, through the forest from Landol to a place called the "Toplar", about 4km away as the crow flies. This is a wooden structure used in the old days to dry hay and protect vegetables. The point is that at this "Toplar" you can find an example of one of the huge oak logs that were typically dragged from Slovenia to Venice. This one is over 50 metres long and is a site to behold.

    sunset in venice    cafe lights in venice near slovenia

And another footnote: If you want somewhere to stop off at on the way from Venice to the Lodge, you have a lot of choice. Our favourite place is the walled Venetian fortress town of Palmanova, where huge towers protect the almost circular outer wall with circle after circle inside the walls until you get to a beautiful town square / piazza in the middle! It's great and you can go round in circles, but you can't get lost!

Shopaholics can find 2 different outlet villages on the way and if you are fond of Prosecco.. well ladies, you won't believe this, but you are pretty much driving through the Prosecco region to get up to Slovenia.. cheers!

The Victorian city of Trieste is also on the way to the Lodge, but like all the places just mentioned is easily accessible to our guests for a full daytrip if you prefer.


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