Little Lake at the base of the Alps

We'd heard about this little lake, (Jezersko in Slovene) nestled at the base of Slovenia's second of 3 Alpine regions, the "Kamnik Alps". At last we visited it on the way back from an epic loop to the only mine in Europe where you can go kayaking and bike riding in the same day, a secret valley to rival the beauty of the well known lake Bled mini region and a mini roadtrip, twisting and turning, up and down into Austria and back.

You can easily reach this lake from Lipizzaner Lodge for a day's hiking, then enjoy a meal lakeside at the wonderful restaurant!

The lake is stunningly beautiful and different to Slovenia's other natural and disappearing lakes. If accessed from the north on the Austrian side, you will have just come up and over a mountain pass, dropping down into Slovenia and this stunning Jezersko meadow and mountain mini region. You will probabubbly be ready for a stop and some lakeside relaxing.. We were hungry, but delayed ordering food as we just had to take photos of this place..Yet another secret place in Slovenia that had completely surprised us with it's simple & natural beauty.

From us in the south you could do a daytrip loop to the lake choosing stop offs on the way or return depending how long you wanted to spend at the lake. We've had guests go to the lake for the day and follow the Alpine hiking routes circling up from the lake, enjoying a meal at the lakeside restaurant.

A bigger day loop and more of a driving touring type of day, will allow you to visit the edge of the some stunning mountains and a beautiful valley region called Logarska.. (we will have a separate "Secret Place to Visit" page for this valley soon). On this route you would only be able to stop off at the lake for a nibble on your way home, (through Austria is the most fun), but wow, what a lovely place to have a pop stop or a light meal!

Your day trip options depend completely on your preferences and what you might like to do and see during the day. You could choose to spend a bit more time in Slovenia's second oldest city, Skofija Loka as a wonderful stopover half way to home. You could then go cross country over little roads to explore your way back to the Lodge. Their is also a lovely castle on the way with a stunning view over the Ljubljana marshes and across to the Alps.


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