Vogel cable car above lake Bohinj

Can you believe it, we've been on so many daytrips to lake Bohinj and admired the cable car going up into the clouds, imagining James Bond having a dust up with that big bloke on top of the wobbly gondola, but until this summer we hadn't been up!

    get a multi ticket to visit bohinjs attractions    view from lake vogel

This is partly to do with all the other amazing things you can do on terra firma by the lake & the uberstunning Bohinj environ and much more to do with one of our team's fear of being dangled out over a mountain on a steel wire!

The opportunity came up to conquer this particular fear when we accompanied some friends on a daytrip to try out a Bohinj "multi ticket", our simple plan.. to go up the mountain in the cable car, have a look around with lunch included, then use the same ticket to try out the boat across the lake! 

    view across lake bohinj slovenia    hiking on mt vogel, slovenia

And that's what we did! We had an early start from the Lodge with a sandwich stop along the way next to the stunning Sava Bohinjka river that flows from lake Bohinj towards Bled. We went directly to the cable car station, got our multi tickets and took the next gondola up. It makes sense to choose a sunny day for this daytrip, but on the top of a mountain the weather can always change, so always be prepared.

If it's also sunny on top though, be careful, the sun seems to be even more powerful high up, so we were quickly down to T shirts and sun cream! There is a main café as soon as you step off the sturdy gondola and quite frankly it is worth stopping here for a while just to fully take in the amazing panoramas. 

    ski lift in the summer on mt vogel     lunch on top of vogel, slovenia

Once the cable car is out of the way we can reassure anyone scared of heights, there is zero problem being up here. There are fabulous views to the lake below, which now resembles a stunning puddle and across to the largest mountains of the Julian Alps, (one of Slovenia's three Alpine regions). Your senses become quickly overwhelmed with the views on offer.

Behind the hotel there are numerous peaks everywhere you look and paths & ski lifts taking you off into hiking paradise! So maybe sit down with a coffee or pint for a while to take it all in for a bit!

    multi ticket for lake bohinj slovenia    easy way to see mt vogel

We jumped on a ski lift (again part of the ticket) and went to the end of the line to another café, where we had a meaty soup included in the ticket. The opportunities to hike here on top are endless, as far as the eye can see and more.

We had a stroll around around and jumped back on the ski lift to return to the cable car as we wanted to go down to the water and try out the boat. The view of mt Triglav, (2,684m) going back with the ski lift was especially breath taking.

These ski lifts are used mainly in the winter of course, for skiers to get around, but in the summer you really get the feeling of a "bonus" to be able to use them and enjoy the ride and views.

    schone ausblick von vogel slowenien    take the boat across lake bohinj

With ears popping, we were back on the ground and easily found the boat dock next to the lake, (above). The only thing you need to think about with the boat is if one of your party doesn't drive to the next stop then you need to come back on the boat or walk back to where you parked. But again, as long as you have time, the lake views and mountain sides towering up from the water like fjords make this an Alpine pleasure.

The boat crew are friendly and you get a really interesting commentary about this mini region, so if you have time we recommend having a ride on the boat.

    view from boat on lake bohinj    boat trip in slovenian alps

We were blown away by the continuous beauty of this daytrip and the ease in which you can get around on top of the mountain. Most visitors to Green Slovenia totally underestimate the time they will need to even get a feeling of the multitude of stunning places to see here and so we really hope you leave space in your crammed agenda for the cable car visit to mt Vogel.


Be prepared to be shocked by the wonders of Slovenia once again, as in our humble opinion this is NOT even the best cable car day out in Slovenia! How on earth can we say this when we have just told you how amazing our day was?! Please do not misunderstand how much we love mt Vogel, any other country in the world would be desperate to have this place in its "list to dos"! It's just that the overall cable car experience to Velika Planina, ("Big mountain meadow" aka "Heaven on Earth") in the Slovenian Kamnik Alps is even better!!

Wow, please try to see them both!

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