Vinegar Gorge, oops Vintage Gorge

Vintage Vintgar Gorge, is a classic "must see" secret place in Green Slovenia with spectacular wooden walkways allowing you to get real close to this natural wonder!

This breath taking passage of water, slices it's way through the rock to create a most beautiful natural passage and is the perfect partner for your visit to Lake Bled, being just a 10 min drive from the lake.

    icy cold water flowing along vintgar gorge in green slovenia    beautiful clear water at slovenian gorge

On the other side of the picturesque little village of Spodnje Gorje, there is a long car park and little wooden ticket hut, where you buy your ticket. Then you just walk along the river on a stone path and well maintained wooden bridges & walkways, sometimes beside the water and sometimes crossing it.

This place is a natural wonder, with sheer cliff faces, wonderful tree lines and powerful water flows, the icy water always changing colour. You will see chunky fish, massive timbers trapped in the gorge like matchsticks and have a really excellent walk in nature.

Of all the gorges in Slovenia, this is very suitable for all ages and is not too demanding.. but if you want a little more demanding, then either walk here from Bled or follow the sign at the end of the gorge back to Bled.

Walking to the gorge from Bled in the busy summer school holiday weeks would also mean you needn't have to park the car in the Vintgar car park, so something to think about. 

    lovely wooden walkways at vintgar gorge in slovenia    schone schlucht in slowenien

This gorge is great at all times of year and in all weather, these photos were taken at the end of autumn, but imagine a hot summer's day and then coming here to walk next to this super cool, fresh mountain water for a few hours!

Behind every rocky corner you will find another spectacular sight.. the power of the water really attacks your senses of balance, colour and the sheer noise of the flow will shock you by it's absence when you leave the gorge!. This water is on a mission, cutting through the rock and joining the larger Sava river, flowing all the way to Serbia!

We had a geologist guest from the US who told us that the curtains of rock along the gorge are really special, showing clearly how rocks had crashed up against each other over millions of years.

You will also see huge timbers that have fallen from the steep slopes into the raging water and crashed against the rocks. You could imagine a giant game of Pooh sticks as you cross the little wooden bridges and wonder how long the logs have been trapped in the water.

    beautiful water feature near lake bled, slovenia    walk along vintgar gorge in green slovenia

In Slovenia, they know something about nature & the forests and the policy here is to let nature clean it up in her own time. So the more you look at this scene, the more you realise this is nature at work and then you can get a sense of the real beauty and power of this timeless cutting.

At the end of the route is a stunning arched railway bridge and a little cafe. This is where there is a sign for a path that leads back to Bled, but most people walk back to the car park to get another taste and perspective of the gorge.

One perfect day out would be a walk around Lake Bled in the morning, maybe climbing up to the castle, followed by a cream slice (Crem Schnitta) at the famous lakeside café, then rocking up to Vintgar gorge, doing the wooden boardwalk walk and stopping off on the way home to the Lodge at the gingerbread museum and having a bite to eat at a fab restaurant in the fresco covered nearby medieval town of nearby Radovlica! Wow, what a day!.. But just one of many fab days you can have here!


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