Local People

One of the most unexpected highlights of your trip to Slovenia could well be meeting a local person. The locals are incredibly warm, friendly and interested in visitors. In fact many are quite bemused why a foreign person would want to spend their holiday in the most beautiful country in Europe.. for them all this green beauty is just normal!

When you ask a local if they speak English and they lower their head down slightly, murmur and say "a little".. then bingo.. trust us, they will be chatting away with you merrily like old friends within 5 minutes!

Slovenians are by nature very shy.. this also comes through massively in the lack of marketing of Green Slovenia abroad.. But this can also work massively in your favour as a visitor here IF you know the special places to go visit, (cos nobody will think to tell you about them), but if you can find these places.. you will be left alone to enjoy your holiday in Green nature!

We are often asked by guests what local people do for a living.. as if this is some kind of Balkon backwater, but you should arrive prepared to get a feeling more of Austria or Italy, with a twist of the Balkons when something goes comically wrong!!

The best way we found to describe the geography and people of Green Slovenia is to say it is like "a little Switzerland with a little coast".. that just about sums up what to expect here!

To answer the question.. the people here have regular jobs, just like you.. engineers, bank clerks, insurance salesmen and doctors & nurses.. BUT they start work early and leave work exactly on time to do their SECOND job.. and here is the difference..

almost everyone here is connected to and knows about nature..

They grow and pick herbs & flowers, keep bees, they own forest, animals and grow much of their own food. This is the life we came here to learn about..

For many of you, experiencing "nature" might well have become the 4 walls of a supermarket.. so if you want to truly reconnect with nature for a couple of weeks in Green paradise, then this is the place in Europe to come..

So now you know Slovenians are shy, but friendly.. one of our biggest tips to you is to start a converstion on holiday with someone here, anyone! It isn't too tricky to say "Dober Dan, do you speak English".. (hello) and off you go!

The waiter serving you coffee, the neighbour pruning their roses in the garden, the farmer driving his tractor, the student guiding you down an unkown cave.. they all love a good chat here!


Local Partners to visit during your day out..

We are travellers and like to meet people anyway and now with this Lodge, we wanted to know all about the very best places for you to explore here.. so we have met a lot of lovely people along the way!

We also noticed from our own travel experiences here that even if you do know about the amazing Slovenian local products, such as wine, farm cheese and meat products, honey and other stuff, it is often very difficult and sometimes frustrating to find them or arrange your own tour.

We didn't deliberately go out to do this, but inevitably we have created a huge network of lovely local people all around Slovenia who speak English and sometimes German or Italian.. who would love to meet you!

It is only fair to mention that a lot of time can be wasted here trying to find places and people.. and you do not have this time to waste on your holiday!

We have done a lot of meeting people.. got lost along dead ends with no signs, knocked on doors when people were out and had mini meetings constantly changed around.. so the time wasters and negative people have been filtered out, cos we just don't have time to waste either.. (if a person wastes our time, they will also do that to you)!

So when we find out a little more about you and what you might like to do here, we usually know somewhere to go or someone to go see, but only if you really want to!

We know an army of lovely local people all over Slovenia who make stuff, will show you stuff, help you find stuff, help you taste stuff and tell you local stories along the way!

We can arrange all this in advance with just a phonecall usually, so you do not waste time trying to find these places and people.. time that could be spent enjoying your holiday!

There is so much you could do here that you might not have considered doing in little old Green Slovenia.. simple natural things like, for example:

Take a horse carriage ride, visit a lavender farm and see how lavender soap is made, visit a eco honey farm for some honey tasting, go wine tasting, cherry picking, apple picking, cheese making.. the list is as long as a dragon's tale! (deliberate pun)..

We have met so many lovely people making wine in Slovenia's 7 wine regions because we want to stock their special unique wines here at the Lodge for our guests to try.. but the point is.. there is usually one vineyard we know not far from where you are heading off for the day from the Lodge on your adventures.. so why not drop in!

We have also teamed up with a top local Slovenian TV chef, Rihard Basa, to offer you Slovenian cooking courses at Richard's place about 35 mins from the Lodge. Rihard only uses local home grown produce and will really give you a good days cooking, food knowledge, fun.. and the best bit is you get to eat what you cook! 

A final true story.. we had a lovely young French family, the mum was a professional wine taster and told us she had a list of contacts of "friends of friends" to go meet and have some fun wine tasting here.. but even though the family were with us for 4 or 5 days, we still urged her to be sure of the meetings.. guess what happened over the next few days.. meeting after meeting was cancelled until she had run out of contacts!

We phoned a wine friend we trust in a local wine region the lady specifically wanted to go and guess what.. he saved the day at short notice and they actually spent all day with him.. he even spoke a bit of French they found out.. what a great day!!

This is why we do it.. we are happy if our guests can get the very best out of Green Slovenia.. we know it is possible to have the best holiday you have ever had in Europe here in little old Slovenia.. and if you get to meet a local person as well, we know you are on to a winner!

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