We found this amazing place several years ago on a daytrip to the Kranska Gora area in the north west Alpine bit of Slovenia. We were totally blown away at how big this waterflow is (50 metres) and by how fantastic & mysterious the forest path is to get up there.. yet another very big pleasant surprise in Slovenia and most certainly another waterfall you should know about!

The Pericnik waterfall is hidden away just off the stone track road that leads from the village of Mojstrana up into the Alps.. the road is actually called "the Triglav Gate" (Vrata) as it is probably the most direct route up to Slovenia's largest mountain, Triglav (three heads) 2,864m.

There is lots of parking along the side of the road (the road runs up alongside a beautiful river) and also a little pub a few km up from Mojstrana, which is your signal to stop and park. Now look up into the forest where you will see the mighty water crashing down way above and a picture perfect waterfall.

It's pretty much exactly the dream waterfall you might hope to see in a Green paradise like Slovenia and the other great news is you can hike up to stand right next to it in less than an hour roundtrip if need be!

So we were easily able to stop off here as part of a larger roundtrip from the Lodge, directly up to the Soca river, over the Vrsic pass crossing the Alps from Bovec up and over to Kranska Gora, then arriving here at Pericnik on our way back down to the motorway and the short zip home! 

We were peckish and ordered a fab fresh bowl of local sausage soup at the pub first, before tackling the ascent into the forest to find the falls. And this is the wonderful thing about Green Slovenia.. you don't roll up into a huge car park, get greeted by someone wearing a mouse costume, buy a hot dog and join lots of queues.. Slovenia is all about fresh natural adventures!

there is a path where required on your journey to and from the waterfall..
there is a path where required on your journey to and from the waterfall..


So we had some great wholesome local food and then walked up into the forest.. not knowing the exact way to the waterfall, but keen for the adventure with hope in our hearts and the thundering crash of water to guide us.

And now we know the 2 main routes to the falls.. we would strongly recommend you go UP into the forest directly from the pub like we did and follow the force a little, just keep heading towards where the waterfall is from the sound. It is a little steep in places, but it isn't a race and you can take your time, but 20 mins should do it.

You will sense you are getting close as the crash of water starts to overpower your hearing, micro droplets of refreshing spray hit you in the face and then you get to a wonderfull little wooden bridge.. the waterfall is behind here just waiting for you.

Forest paths with wooden or stone stairs are such a common feature in Slovenia and always so part of nature that your adventure is a real one. You can climb up real close to the powerful flow of water sliding out of a ridiculously small hole in the rock and gushing about 50 metres down to earth. It is very impressive indeed. (In our travelling memories, we have only gotten so close to such a powerful jet of water in the Equadorian jungle).

If you are scared of heights and drops like one of our team of two is, then the great news is you need not be scared here, you can be close to the water, but still stand firmly and safely away. And please be very careful indeed if you want to go behind the massive waterflow, but you can. You can also climb further up around the side to see the very top flow of the waterfall.. make the time!

This is one big Green Slovenian adventure that you will never forget, even if time erodes the name of the waterfall! But it is very possible to do this wearing good shoes and with average fitness.

We recommend that you come back down on the left hand side of the falls, (left when facing the water) and there is a more sturdy path down. So if you go up through the forest directly from the pub and then come down the main forest staircase steps you will have a fab little roundtrip adventure and won't miss that amazing feeling of crossing the little wooden bridge and seeing the head of the waterfall appear right next to you!

We have seen a lot of waterfalls in Slovenia.. a lot and for us Kozjak is the daddy of them all with the amazing trail and the Lord of the Rings magic of the place, but for us Pericnik is the nunber 2 waterfall (and this is saying something) in Slovenia for the adventure, accessibility, nature and power.. we love it and you should try not to miss it.

Another great suggestion for visiting Pericnik if you have more time would be to park somewhere in the village of Mojstrana, maybe by the stunning lake with the mountain goat statue and either walk or cycle up to the pub and then explore up to the waterfall for a wonderful half or full day adventure.

If you look at a map you will see how easily we could include this wonder of nature as the final stop on a big day out from the Lodge, going up through the Vipava Valley to the Alps via maybe Tolmin gorge, having coffee in Bovec, going over the Vrsic pass maybe stopping off at the Russian church, then heading through the delightfull village of Kranska Gora to hit Mojstrana and the fantastic Pericnik falls! (there are so many other options for this route).

Visiting the falls on such a roundtrip really makes sense as it is a great way to get a final bit of exercise and adventure into your legs on a car filled adventure. The drive home from the falls is actually only 1hr 30 mins direct to the Lodge and even then you have numerous options for stop offs maybe for an evening meal at the wonderful Radolca or maybe Ljubljana .. wow, what an action packed daytrip adventure!


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