Dining Out in Postojna

We are so lucky to live in a little country that is passionate about food, with 7 completely different wine regions and for the Lodge to be located in the best possible logistical position for our visitors to easily get to EVERYTHING worth seeing and doing, whether on foot, by bike or in the car..

But it was only really quite recently after 10 years or so of tasting and travelling around here that we fully realised our unbeatable position was also at the epicentre of Slovenian Cuisine.. how lucky is that!

Yep, we are so lucky to have a list of local restaurants as long as a Dragon's tail.. all within a 5 to 20 mins drive to recommend for our guests in every direction from the Lodge!

Head Chef Marko explains each course..
Head Chef Marko explains each course..


Bistro Storja..

One of those special places is the Storja Bistro in the centre of nearby Postojna.. We have known Marko and Miralem for several years and have no hesitation sending our guests there to have a great meal and dining experience.

The guys recently invited us to a tasting evening at the restaurant to showcase some new ideas for 2023 and we think the least we could do is let you know all about it too!

We are happy to sing it from the rooftops that the secret of Slovenian cuisine is so simple.. Local, freshly produced food cooked with passion & imagination and served with a unique local wine!

amazing range of seasonal appetizers..
amazing range of seasonal appetizers..


There are so many different types of regional restaurants so close to the Lodge in one of Europe's main crossing points with three completely different mini regions, (the Green Karst, Vipava wine valley AND the Kras Teran wine region) touching base at Nanos, Slovenia's last mountain before the Mediterranean coast.

Mix in the 30 min proximity here to the Adriatic seaside and the cute capital city in different directions and then season with a bit of history, being part of Italy until WW2 and you have the perfect melting pot for creating delicious dishes!

We will only recommend restaurants we have visited ourselves to our guests AND these restaurants are continually being reviewed and discussed by our army of Lodge visitors each and every year.. ALL THE TIME.. not on a rainy day in 1985 when the last google review was written by miserable Malcom from Manchester!!

So our little "appraisal system" is alive and kicking!

We love serving breakfast in the morning and listening to stories of our guests' Slovenian Green adventures, including how much they enjoyed their meal the night before!

a lot going on here, the different flavours bounced off the toungue!
a lot going on here, the different flavours bounced off the toungue!


Ok, so we affectionately call the Storja Bistro, "the Staircase" in English as it has a beautiful antique staircase leading down to the cosy interior of the restaurant and a lovely town centre outside terrace too.

The boys invited local hotels, guest houses and tourism supremos to this special tasting  evening and we were blown away by their passion and creations for 2023..

We marvelled at how they found a special purple chicory that grows on the banks of the Slovenian Soca river and created a dish from this.

They explained the strong local connection between this Green area and the Venetian coast and how they have created other dishes to reflect this..

We were served with dish after dish of explosive taste sensations and combos as they carefully explained the local connections to these dishes and how they perfectly match the wine selected too..

Fantastic combo of winter chicory grown on the shores of the Soca river, with sausage quiche and mustard ice cream!!
Fantastic combo of winter chicory grown on the shores of the Soca river, with sausage quiche and mustard ice cream!!


NEVER forget that in Green Slovenia you will never be too far from a unique wine region and Storja Bistro have one of the best wine collections we know..

Often in Slovenia the restaurant will serve ONLY very local wines, which is no bad thing, but these guys know so much about the best Slovenian and international wines and they are not afraid to recommend the very best option to go with your dish, regardless of where it is from! We like that too!

We are very excited indeed for our guests.. "the Staircase" have some really great ideas for 2023, including offering Wine Tasting, Cheese Tasting and Local cold cuts Tasting at all times of day, but especially between 3-6pm.

Storja Bistro is open all day and for your main meal, you might want to try the amazing tasting menus the boys have created, but if you prefer to go for a dish of the day, there are always different delicious options available, including for Veggies and Vegans too!

exquisite dessert!
exquisite dessert!


A few other important admin notes now..

We always phone to book our guests a table in advance at the Storja and you should too.

They are open every day except Saturdays and Sundays, but plan to offer dinner on Saturdays in the summer.


We took photos of more of these local creations for 2023 that you can see here below.. OK you cannot taste or smell them, but we sure did and each one was nothing short of sensational..

We, our guests and the town of Postojna are lucky to have this lovely restaurant option available and we hope you will get a chance to taste what we are talking about on your next visit to Green Slovenia!

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